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Film 3.0 | Making Multi-platform Movies

Film 3.0World-class film campaign designers and experiential storytelling experts presented in a one-off, full-day public seminar in Sydney. The seminar showcased insights, case studies and practical guidance on producing multi-platform extensions for feature films; turning them from one-off views into an exploratory, expanded ‘storyworld’ spread across mediums, platforms and devices. Download podcasts from iTunes or access on the event page.

From Idea to Market

Multiplatform Storytelling podcastsCase studies and practical guidance on creating multi-platform strategies for features, TV drama, documentary, game or online projects. Developing a story idea across devices, channels and communities requires an intensive creative process, knowledge of the landscape, and complex production management.
These recordings from Screen Australia seminars focus on the core aspects of delivering multi-platform projects, including story, business, community, technology, interaction and design, to help take your idea from page to screen.
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How to write a transmedia production bible

Transmedia BibleScreen Australia commissioned Gary P Hayes to write this resource as a best-practice guide to the thinking, planning, documentation and supporting materials required when developing a property across multiple platforms.

The guide is highly recommended reading for producers, in particular those planning a submission to Screen Australia's Multiplatform Drama  program.

The bible that this document will guide you towards is not a production bible in the traditional sense – a format document for franchising a TV property into other markets – but rather a catch-all that covers key components of a complex multi-platform service. Your bible may be extended to a full production reference document as the sections it contains become more detailed.

The Transmedia Production Bible is a document that captures key
story and design IP elements, rules of engagement, functionality and technical issues across multiple platforms, and provides an overview of the business/marketing plan. Each of the five main sections requires specialist members of the project team to be responsible for its development as the service goes from conception to production and the document becomes a fully detailed production bible.

How to write a transmedia production bible (PDF)






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