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Multi-platform Storytelling: Film 3.0 | Making Multi-platform Movies

World-class film campaign designers and experiential storytelling experts presented in a one-off, full-day public seminar in Sydney. The seminar showcased insights, case studies and practical guidance on producing multi-platform extensions for feature films; turning them from one-off views into an exploratory, expanded ‘storyworld’ spread across mediums, platforms and devices.

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  Film 3.0

Steve Peters: Transmedia Victoria

Steve Peters (USA), Senior Designer at Fourth Wall Studios, discusses the role of the Experience Designer in the creation of transmedia storytelling, referring to his work on The Dark Knight alternate reality game, and Watchmen. Subjects discussed include new ways to tell a story outside of film and TV screens, and what the composition of the ideal team might be. Steve's presentation was given on 27 January 2011 as part of ‘Transmedia Victoria’, a two-day event sponsored by Screen Australia, the Australia Council, Film Victoria and others. Download it from iTunes or access it at:
Steve Peters - Experience Designer: the next-generation film director?

  Steve Peters

Ted Hope: Hope for Film

Legendary US independent producer Ted Hope critiques the current state of the film industry and addresses the paradigm shift created by the overnight dominance of social media, suggesting we need to dramatically shift our approach to marketing and finding audiences. From Screen Australia’s ‘Hope for Film’ workshop, held in Sydney, 28–29 August 2012. Highlights are available as part of our Multi-platform Storytelling podcast series. You can download them from iTunes or access them below:
Ep 2: A new business model
Ep 1: Grasping the new paradigm

  Ted Hope

Multi-platform Storytelling: from idea to market

Case studies and practical guidance on creating multi-platform strategies for features, TV drama, documentary, game or online projects. Developing a story idea across devices, channels and communities requires an intensive creative process, knowledge of the landscape, and complex production management. These recordings from Screen Australia seminars focus on the core aspects of delivering multi-platform projects, including story, business, community, technology, interaction and design, to help take your idea from page to screen. Download podcasts from iTunes. or access them directly from our Mulitplatform Storytelling event page.

  Multiplatform Storytelling

Art of Mastering Comedy

If you weren't able to catch the conversation between Oscar®-nominated writer and director Francis Veber (La Cage aux Folles, The Valet, Tais-toi! and The Dinner Game) and Steve Kaplan, consultant and script doctor to some of the biggest names in the business such as DreamWorks, Disney, HBO, Paramount and Touchstone, on the art of mastering comedy, you can watch a recording here.

  Veber & Kaplan

High Concept Movies

Hollywood script consultant Michael Hauge came to Sydney to lead The High Concept Movie Workshop, a Screen Australia development initiative designed for selected screenwriters who were committed to writing a high concept movie. During his time here, Michael presented two hugely popular public lectures at AFTRS on the principles of the high concept movie. Watch two recordings from these public lectures.

  Michael Hauge

Behind the screen

A glimpse into filmmakers' tricks
of the trade on Screen Australia's YouTube channel

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  You Tube SA channel

In conversation

Educator and critic Robert Rosen
talks to Sue Maslin about narrative storytelling and its significance both
on and off the screen.

You don’t put your vision on the screen – other people with whom you talk put your vision on the screen, so you better know how to talk."
Screen Australia Development News, October 2010


Robert Rosen

Interviews with screen practitioners and industry experts on the former Australian Film Commission site.

Navigating the marketplace

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Low-budget filmmaking

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