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2016–2017 multiplatform funding approvals

December 2016

6 x 27 min   
Sticky Pictures Pty Ltd
Genre Comedy
Producer Donna Andrews
Co-Producer Naomi Just
Executive Producer Donna Andrews
Director Jonathan Brough
Writer Ronny Chieng, Declan Fay
Synopsis The hilarious story of Ronny Chieng, a Malaysian student in Australia to study law. Only, making friends is not part of the curriculum.

October 2016

1 x 30 min
In Films Pty Ltd
Genre Comedy
Producer Nel Minchin
Executive Producers Nial Fulton, Ivan O’Mahoney
Director Max Miller
Writers Mark Bonnao, Broden Kelly, Sam Lingham, Zachary Ruane, Tom Armstrong, Max Miller
Story Editor Niki Aken
Synopsis Online comedy superstars Aunty Donna play Mark, Zach and Broden, three failed musicians who are entrusted with the day to day care of 10- year-old boy pop sensation, Tyson Feller.

16 x 10 min
Cobbstar Productions Pty Ltd
Genre Drama
Producer Jacob Inglis
Executive Producer Brian Cobb
Director Boaz Stark
Synopsis Queers As Folk' meets Sydney's very own Oxford Street in this edgy drama exploring the unexplored gay community within.   

July 2016

Feature / 10 x 10 min series
Company Name Deadrock Films Pty Ltd
Genre Drama
Producers Enzo Tedeschi, Cathy Rechichi
Executive Producer Jason Moody
Director Enzo Tedeschi
Writers Matthew C. Vaughan, Greta Harrison
Synopsis Event Zero is a fast-paced conspiracy thriller involving a federal cop in way over her head as fear ravages the nation.


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