Multi-platform programs:
What do we mean by...?

Cross-platform: Using multiple digital media to distribute a piece of content (eg a webisode delivered online and via mobile device; a program for TV broadcast and online delivery)

Interactive: Non-linear projects, where the user has a direct and meaningful impact on the events on screen throughout the experience, beyond simply 'point and click to play'.

Linear: Storytelling that is not interactive, but which may screen on any platform including broadcast television, online or mobile devices.

Multi-platform: Content created to exist on different platforms in different forms (eg a TV program with a website delivering separate audiovisual content; a feature film with an associated game). May also be used as an umbrella term encompassing cross-platform, interactive and transmedia content.

Single-platform: Content produced for one platform only (eg a standalone website or game or mobile series).

Transmedia: Storytelling across multiple forms of media, with each element making distinctive contributions to a user's understanding of the story universe, including where user actions affect the experience of content across multiple platforms (eg reaching a score level in an online game unlocks the next mobile episode).


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