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Talent Escalator Programs
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Short Animation Production


Screen Australia supports the production of short animation dramas as a means of career progression for leading emerging animation talent, with particular emphasis on the director.

Screen Australia recognises the benefit of a professional approach to animation production, and encourages the team to have the support of an established animation studio, or at least a team with a division of labour that reflects industry best practice. Screen Australia also believes that short animation can be a strong opportunity for an established animation studio to progress the careers of leading internal creative staff.

Screen Australia appreciates the unique characteristics of animation production. It is labour-intensive, requires a special set of skills, and usually involves very long periods of production.

The Short Animation Production Program aims to support the production of animation projects which are original in subject matter and style. Such projects will further develop Australia's mainstream and commercial animation industry in the context of the rapidly evolving field of digital and visual effects.

Available funding

Applications can be for up to $150,000 per project for production, or up to $40,000 per project for post-production.

Successful recipients of Short Animation funding will be expected to deliver their completed films within 12 months of signing the contract.

Funding is for

  • One-off animations up to 10 minutes including credits.
  • Production or post-production.


  • Only teams may apply.
  • Screen Australia expects an application for funding to come from the producer.
  • Directors are encouraged to work with writers, as is common in a professional environment.
  • Directors and producers must have credits in their respective roles on at least one short drama film.
  • Directors with completed funded animated features or substantial animated television experience are not eligible. However, there is no upper limit on the experience of writers or producers.

Applicants must also meet the general eligibility requirements set out in Screen Australia's Terms of Trade.

Projects that are unsuccessful in applying for this program may only reapply if the project and application have been substantially reworked. Two consecutive unsuccessful applications will make the project ineligible for this program.

Assessment process

Applications will be assessed by a combination of Screen Australia executives and industry specialists as required. Screen Australia will advise applicants of the success or otherwise of their application. Where an application is unsuccessful, the reasons will be conveyed to the applicant, with a written statement of reasons provided on request.

Assessment criteria

Screen Australia will take the following considerations into account when assessing applications for this program:

  • The originality, strength and distinctiveness of the idea and screenplay, and the suitability of the animation style.
  • The professional development benefits for the key creative team, in particular the director &/or animator.
  • The skills and successful track record of each of the key principals and their ability to undertake the proposed project, as evidenced in previous work, and the quality of support from an established animation studio (if attached).
  • The viability of the proposed budget and production or post-production schedule and, where relevant, the strategy for raising the remaining finance.

Application materials

Applications must be made on the relevant Screen Australia application form, and include all supporting material listed on the checklist on that form.

Terms of funding

Funding is in the form of a grant. Screen Australia will not require a copyright interest.
Screen Australia requires a credit for its support.

Funding recipients must deliver

DVD copies of the completed film, plus related paperwork in accordance with your Grant Investment Agreement.

[Updated 21 December 2012]