Industry consultation

Final guidelines

Final guidelines were released on 11 March. The input received on the draft guidelines as well as throughout the whole consultation process helped us to design - and refine - the programs taking into account the needs and characteristics of the games industry, as well as provide for fair, clear and consistent application processes and funding decisions. Thanks to all of you who participated!

Draft guidelines

On 15 February 2013, Screen Australia released draft guidelines for a suite of new interactive and multi-platform programs which incorporate Federal Government funding through the Interactive Games Fund, as well as funding previously provided through the agency's former multi-platform programs. Your feedback provided valuable input into these guidelines, and we're keen to hear what you think about them. Comments are open until 1 March 2013.
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Options paper

Screen Australia invited feedback on proposed options for an Australian Interactive Games Fund until 25 January 2013. The options paper was available for download as a PDF, and was also presented for online comment through this site in six sections:

Submissions received separately by email are also available online (unless you told us otherwise):
Read submissions here.

Public forums

Screen Australia invited the games sector to public forums in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. The notes from these seminars are available below.

Tuesday 11 December 2012: Consultation forum Melbourne - Melbourne Games Forum_notes.pdf (55.39 kb)

Wednesday 12 December 2012: Consultation forum Adelaide - Adelaide_Games_Forum_notes.pdf (58.43 kb)

Monday 17 December 2012: Consultation forum Brisbane - Brisbane_Games_Forum_notes.pdf (60.30 kb)

Tuesday 18 December 2012: Consultation forum Sydney - Sydney Games Forum notes.pdf


Screen Australia also held a webinar on 18 December. You can watch a recording of this webinar here.

Feedback from WA developers

Read notes collated from phone conversations between a number of Western Australian developers and Screen Australia’s Mike Cowap and Tim Phillips during January 2013.

Important dates

Monday 10 December 2012: Release of options paper

Friday 25 January 2013: Consultation on options paper closes

Friday 15 February 2013: Draft guidelines released for comment

Friday 1 March 2013: Feedback closes on draft guidelines

Monday 11 March 2013: Final guidelines released

Comment protocols

In the interests of fruitful and informed discussion, you’ll need to identify yourself in order to participate. You can use your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts, or register with Disqus, the application we’re using to manage the discussion. If you use Disqus, we encourage you to provide your name (at least your first name), and preferably include your role in the industry in the name field as well. The Disqus registration process will ask you for an email address for authentication purposes, but this will not be published as part of comments.

The discussion will be monitored, and Screen Australia reserves the right to remove comments which we consider to be off-topic, or abusive, defamatory, discriminatory or otherwise unlawful. Messages that are factually wrong and misleading may also be deleted.

Where relevant, Screen Australia may also contribute comments extracted from submissions it receives directly.