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Rotterdam Lab

The Netherlands



The CineMart staff also organises Rotterdam Lab, a 5-day training workshop for young and emerging producers designed to build up their international network and their experience at an international festival and market. Participation in the Rotterdam Lab provides producers with the confidence and skills to navigate the festival circuit and meet professionals who can help finance their projects. The participants of the Rotterdam Lab are nominated through the partnering organisations of CineMart.

Recent attendees comments

"Upon arrival at Rotterdam Lab we were given a list of people who has requested to see us and given the opportunity of choosing 10 more delegates that we wanted to see. We proceeded to have 44 meetings from 9am to 5pm over the next four days, followed by a cocktail party every night. This meant that we were able to have official meetings with people during the day and then capitalise on these by having a drink or dinner with those people later on in the evening. It’s a wonderful atmosphere although quite exhausting."

"I will be able to bring knowledge gained from attendance at Rotterdam to the development and productions of current and future projects. And I aim to continue fostering the newly formed relationships with international practitioners with the view to working together in the future"


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