Multiplatform storytelling:
Film 3.0 | making multiplatfrom movies

Screen Australia and StoryLabs presented world-class film campaign designers and experiential storytelling experts in a one-off, full-day public seminar in Sydney on Monday 3 December. Film 3.0 | Making Multi-platform Movies showcased insights, case studies and practical guidance on producing multi-platform extensions for feature films; turning them from one-off views into an exploratory, expanded ‘storyworld’ spread across mediums, platforms and devices.

Topics and Speakers

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  • Lance Weiler (US) is a storyteller, entrepreneur and thought leader, and creator of some of the world’s most original cinematic transmedia projects, including Head Trauma and Pandemic, which was selected for the Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontiers. He discusses story architecture in relation to his current interactive work surrounding a special David Cronenberg (The Fly, Scanners, Existenz) project produced in conjunction with Canadian Film Centre and Toronto International Film Festival. Download podcast.

  • Brian Cain (US) is a leading creative director who discussed marketing as storytelling using case studies of Terminator Salvation, Game of Thrones, True Blood and key involvement in earlier ground-breaking ARG works such as Blair Witch and Art of the Heist. Download podcast.

  • Nathan Mayfield (Australia), Chief Creative Officer at Emmy®-winning agency Hoodlum, discussed the business of extending film through examining his work on The Bourne Legacy and Salt.

  • Matt Costello (US) is a games, film and novel writer with who has worked on extensions, including King Kong, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Bad Boys 2, and consulted on Titanic. He explores the relationship between game and film, and finding the most appropriate game play categories. Download podcast.

  • Laurel Papworth (Australia), CEO of Community Crew and named by Forbes as one of the global Top 50 Social Media Influencers has set up and managed online communities including Big Brother, Junior Masterchef, Sony, Universal Pictures, Event Cinemas and large multiplayer game properties. She case studied some of her work to demonstrate how to manage film communities, going beyond ephemeral viral or promotion, to how to create loyal film communities. Download podcast

  • Brian Seth Hurst (US) is known as ‘the father of cross-platform’. He case studied his work with high profile talent and brands, such as with Heroes creator Tim Kring, to discuss building storyworlds, and sustaining them by engaging the conversation between filmmaker and audience. Download podcast

  • Gunther Sonnenfeld (US), who has taken his vast experience of marketing major films such as Magnolia and Gangs of New York into the multi-platform arena, will discuss data-driven storytelling; understanding archetypes and online behaviour in order to find your audience.

  • Mike Cowap (Australia), an Investment Manager with Screen Australia with a focus on multi-platform and interactive production, will discuss how to finance extensions to feature films.

  • Gary Hayes (Australia) is the founder of StoryLabs and Senior Producer and Product Development Manager at ABC TV Multi-Platform creating dual screen, social TV experiences. He will chair the event and provide context by presenting popular examples of multi-platform feature film, and close by discussing best practice in the practical aspects of cross-media production.

Speakers for the seminar were also mentors for the second Digital Ignition Multi-platform Clinic facilitated by StoryLabs, part of Screen Australia’s Multi-platform Program, which supported eight selected feature film teams developing production-ready, multi-platform strategies through a workshop held 26–30 November. 


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Digital Ignition Clinic 2012Download podcasts from the second Digital Ignition Multi-platform Clinic:

  • Jennifer Wilson (Australia), a Director at the Project Factory, gives a deeply practical view of mobile for TV and Film extensions helps orientate listeners around the mobile and tablet ecosystem, how to market apps, movie and TV app case studies, how to deal with App Store Gatekeepers, likely development costs and many more tips and tricks. Download podcast

  • Anthony Mullins (Australia), BAFTA winner (Creative Director of Hoodlum at the time of this recording) takes us through his company’s process in developing multi platform stories and also talks through all the challenges around understanding an audience, what they do and how best to fulfil their needs through to handling expectations and the issues around lead in times if the transmedia project is promoting a specific release date for a film. Download podcast