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Trends in the production of Australian TV drama and foreign programs shot in Australia since 1990.

To provide more specific insights into production for different release platforms, Screen Australia re-categorised the titles that contributed to the 2021/22 Drama Report. These changes have been applied to the last five years of data in the report. It is Screen Australia’s intention to apply these new categories to Fact Finders in 2023. In the interim, caution is urged when comparing data to the years prior to 2017/18. Please see the full report (page 4) for more detail on the changes.

All TV drama formats

Number and hours of Australian and foreign TV drama programs produced, and total production budgets, since 1990/91
Share of spend in Australia by local and foreign productions
Share of spend in each state
Sources of finance
Total production budgets by format
Hours produced and cost per hour by format


Number, hours, budgets and spend of Australian telemovies produced since 1990/91
Budget ranges
Titles produced


Number, hours, budgets and spend of Australian mini-series produced since 1990/9
Budget ranges
Titles produced


Number, hours, budgets and spend of Australian series and serials produced since 1990/91
Australian series/serials production by genre
Budget ranges
Titles produced

Children's TV drama

Number, hours and total budgets of Australian and foreign drama for children produced since 1990/91
Titles produced

Online drama

An overview of professionally produced content made for release online through video-on-demand (VOD) services
Titles financed by Australian screen agencies or broadcasters, produced since 2012/13

About the data

Notes on the sources of data used in this section