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Number, total production budgets (current dollars*) and hours of mini-series shot 1990/91–2019/20

Next update December 2021

The number of Australian TV drama mini-series, made for general audience viewing, was relatively consistent in the twenty years from 1990/91. In the 2010s, average Australian mini-series production more than tripled.

1990s - an average of four were shot in Australia each year, generating an average of 22 hours of content. The average cost of an Australian mini-series in this period was $6.25 million, or $1.35 million per hour.

2000s - the average number of titles rose slightly to five per year, with average hours increasing to 40. The average cost rose to $8.20 million per title, or $1.22 million per hour.

2010s - there was a significant increase in the number of mini-series shot in this decade. The average number of titles produced each year was 17, with a yearly average of 133 hours. The average cost to produce an Australian mini-series in the 2010s was $10.06 million, or $1.31 million per hour.

Twenty foreign TV drama mini-series have been shot in Australia since 1990/91. Due to the small sample size, they are not included in the table below. For foreign TV drama figures see: All TV drama formats.

In 2019/20, there were 9 Australian mini-series made for general TV audiences, generating 58 hours of content with budgets of $96 million, or $1.65 million per hour.  With the exception of cost per hour, all metrics were down on the previous year, largely as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic that saw production activity in Australia come to a halt in March 2020.

For a list of mini-series shot in Australia since 1990/91, see Titles produced.