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Asian Project Market


2019 TBC
2019 TBC


Pusan Promotion Plan (PPP) is a pre-market where promising filmmakers and producers can meet with potential co-producers and financiers and, in turn, investors and co-producers can find a diverse selection of the latest Asian projects of top quality. As a dynamic project market focused in Asian cinema, PPP has brought together viable programs and projects to entice and meet participating film professionals from all over the world for last 10 years.

PPP Meeting Room

The PPP Meeting Room is where the real talks for the co-production and finance take place. Directors and producers of PPP projects have one-on-one meetings with film professionals participating in PPP from all over the world. Through these individual meetings, both filmmakers and PPP participants are able to have direct and efficient discussions on their potential partnership and co-production. The meeting schedules are pre-arranged online.

Project Submissions

  • The project must be for producing a feature-length fiction film.
  • The project may be in any stage of production from scenario stage, pre-production, production, to post-production. Projects completed before the time of PPP 2010 are not eligible.
  • Only those projects not fully financed are eligible.
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