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Key facts

Government funding

Direct funding: National Yes
Direct funding: Regional Yes
Indirect funding: National Yes
Indirect funding: Regional No


Language Italian
Population 62 million
No. films produced per year 167 (2013)
Annual cinema admissions 106.7 million (2013)
Domestic share of box office 31% (2013)
No. TV households 24 million
Local content regulation on TV Yes
Legal system Civil Law
Currency €EUR

Italy's co-production partners

Italy made 39 co-productions in 2013 with its other international partners. The vast majority of these were with European partners including Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium and Spain. Co-production output with non-European countries remains low, due to factors such as language differences, the needs of the local market and limits to the use of tax credits.

Government support for co-productions

The Government renewed its film production incentives in the second half of 2013, providing €110 million in support over three years. This includes federal tax credits ranging from 20 to 40 per cent for both national and foreign productions helping to ensure that overall production remains high. In 2013, 167 feature films (including co-productions) were produced (up from 131 in 2009); however, production expenditure fell 27 per cent to €358 million. Cinema admissions grew by 6.6 per cent in 2013 to 106.7 million with domestic share of box office sitting at 31 per cent, in line with the ongoing trend of Italian films succeeding at the domestic box office. Rome, the county’s production base, also has studios capable of servicing two or three big-budget productions simultaneously.

Please note this information is correct as at October 2014.