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SINGAPORE: profile

Key facts

Government funding

Direct funding: National Yes
Direct funding: Regional No
Indirect funding: National No
Indirect funding: Regional No


Language English, Chinese, Malay
Population 5 million
No. films produced per year 13 (2013)
Annual cinema admissions 22.1 million (2013)
Domestic share of box office 4% (2013)
No. TV households 1 million
Local content regulation on TV No
Legal system Common Law
Currency $SIN

Singapore's co-production partners

Singapore currently has co-production treaties with five countries (Australia, China, Canada, New Zealand and Korea) as well as MOUs with six more. Direct government funding comes from the Media Development Authority and Singapore Film Commission. Thirteen domestic features were produced in 2013.

Industry overview

Singapore has high levels of digital and post-production expertise and infrastructure. In recent years the government has increased its support of international co-productions, seeing both their financial advantages and the opportunities for providing training to the local industry. The newly created Mediapolis, a 19-hectare state-of-the-art media hub that includes two large studios and post-production facilities, was developed with the aim of establishing Singapore as the ‘Hollywood of Asia’.

With a population of 5 million and around 1.1 million TV sets, Singapore remains a relatively small global market, although cinema attendance is quite high, with the 2012 box office gross totalling US$148.3 million.

Australia has identified Singapore as an important co-production partner within Asia. In 2011, a delegation attended the Screen Singapore conference to assist Australian filmmakers build relationships with local producers.

Please note this information is correct as at October 2014.