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Funding Approvals
2019-2020 Documentary Development

Approved: DECEMBER 2019

Title Amount Team
Much Ado Aboiut St Albans $15,000 Charlotte Wheaton, Rhian Skirving, Nick Batzias
The Queen vs Albury $23,000 Majhid Heath, Hayley Johnson, Allan Clarke
Critical Care $11,100 Bridget May, Paul Hawker
Scenes from a Catastrophe $5,000 Penny Vozniak
Logan $18,000 Chloe Brugale, Sari Braithwaite
The Department $15,500 Mary Macrae, Sascha Ettinger
In a Life Time $20,000 David Waddington, Matthew Flanagan, Chris O'Reilly, Ej Garrett, Ben Southwell, Dr Andrew Lemon

Approved: October 2019

Title Amount Team
After Hazlewood $15,000 Zachary Ruane, Rob Innes, Annie Ferguson, Aran Michael
Out of the Box VR $14,000 Alejandra Canales, Claire Fletcher, Nathan Anderson
Resurrection Planet $19,500 Madeleine Hetherton, Rebecca Barry, Sophie Wiesner
Strong Female Lead $20,000 Tosca Looby, Karina Holden
Tapestry $12,000 Elizabeth Cater, Thomas Wilson-White
The Spectacle $15,000 Anne Megalla, Yaara Bou Melhem,  David Alrich, Chris Hilton
Ningaloo $20,000 Peter Rees, Ceila Tait
Welcome to the Future a.k.a. In Tech We Trust $8,000 Margie Bryant, Jonathan Hewes, Sonya Pemberton
The Dam Busters $20,000 Kerry Brewster, Julia Peters

Approved: JUly 2019

Title Amount Team
Australian Monsters $13,000 Tom Brisley, Steven Pasvolsky, Claire Pasvolsky
Cleaning Trauma $15,000 David Elliot-Jones, Kati McKoy, Lachlan McLeod
Jailbirds & Songbirds $12,000 Lauren Drewery, Carolyn Johnson, Katrina Lucas, Shalom Almond
Monuments $17,000 Mitchell Stanley, Toni Stowers, Laura Murphy Oates, Rani Chaleyer
Off Country $17,000 John Harvey, Rhian Skirving, Tom Zubycki
Open 24 Hours $12,000 Dave May, Rani Chaleyer, Aaron Smith
Point Forward: The Story of Michael Ah Matt, Australia's first Indigenous Olympian $12,000 Danyle Pearce, Rebecca Elliott, Marcus McKenzie, Daniel Principe
Reluctant Saviour $15,000 Gil Scrine, Scott Walton, Trish Lake, Judith Ehrlich