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Funding Approvals
2021-2022 Documentary Development

Approved: SEPTEMBER 2021

Title Amount Team
The Quickening $33,000 Maya Newell,  Alex Kelly, Lisa Sherrard, Sophie Hyde
Las Balsas: An Ocean Odyssey $24,950 Chadden Hunter, Bettina Dalton, John Collee
LOVE SAFARI: Love Lessons from Nature $15,000 Randall Wood, Rebecca McElroy, Madeleine Hetherton-Miau, Rebecca Barry
We Are The Wiggles $21,400 Sally Aitken, Aline Jacques, Fraser Grut, Cass Avery, Daniel Story

Approved: AUGUST 2021

Title Amount Team
Kick Like A Girl - The Matildas $20,000 Denie Pentecost, Michaela Perske, Paul Sullivan
The Wolf In Cat's Clothing $10,000 Daniel Joyce, Daniel Clarke, Cassie Charlton
Generation Next $15,000 Rob Innes, Richard Keddie, Mish Armstrong
The Islamic School Next Door $20,000 Laurie Critchley, Ross Wilson, Dylan Chown

Approved: JUly 2021

Title Amount Team
Dylan Alcott - Being Me $20,000 Melanie Horkan
Magda's Big National Health Check $20,475 Laurie Critchley, Catherine McVeigh, Gerri Packer, Georgia Woodward
Yuin Man $22,000 Grace McKenzie, Lisa Maza, Tom Zubrycki, Brian McKenzie
Living Waters $5,150 Robyn Nardoo, Joanne Douglas
Fortitude $25,000 Torsten Hoffmann, Chris Kamen, Josephine Wright