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Special initiatives
Love Bites

An initiative for filmmakers from the LGBTIQ community.

In recognition of the 40th Anniversary of Mardi Gras, Screen Australia and the ABC are calling for proposals from filmmakers from the LGBTIQ community for a new initiative, Love Bites.

Love Bites will be a series of 10 x 5 min documentary short films made by filmmakers from the LGBTIQ community across Australia. The films will premiere on the ABC Arts channel on iview which aims to present smart, quality and shareable arts content.  

The successful projects will provide an accessible, engaging and entertaining insight into the lives and interests of the LGBTIQ community.

The content, tone and style of the short film are entirely up the creator, so all interpretations of the medium of documentary are encouraged. All proposals will be assessed against the ABC TV Arts vision statement ‘Where Life and Culture Collide’.

The selected programs will be supported by an ABC digital Arts Commissioning Editor, and a Screen Australia Investment Development Manager.

What funding is available?

ABC TV and Screen Australia will commit a total of up to $100,000 to this initiative ($50,000 each).

Applicants can apply for up to $10,000 for a program and may seek additional funding through discussions with their state agency and other sources. Any other funding is subject to ABC approval and compliance with ABC Editorial Policies (see link below) and must be finalised prior to signature of the ABC Licence Agreement.

Who can apply?

An application must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Projects must be one-off programs of 5 minutes duration.
  • Teams must consist of at least a director and a producer one of whom identifies as part of the LGBTIQ community and one of whom has at least one screen credit in their respective role on a project that has been publicly released.

What materials do you need to apply?

  • A completed application form which can be found on the Screen Australia website.
  • A 2-page (max) outline or treatment of the proposed project, including an outline of the topic/story.
  • CVs of the team, including relevant prior credits, and any other confirmed key personnel (DOP, editor, etc).
  • An example of the relevant director and producer’s previous work (a complete film, not a showreel) via an active website link.
  • If available, up to 1 minute of footage or sizzle reel from the proposed project to show evidence of character, access and storyline. Please supply as a private download enabled screening link with a password.
  • A production schedule.
  • Written confirmation of key subjects’ willingness to participate.
  • Where there is Indigenous community participation or content involved in the project, written confirmation of the willingness of both the subject(s) and the community to be involved in the project is essential.

Application materials should be emailed to Anna Freeland at [email protected] by the published deadline of 11pm, 6 August 2017.

Applications received after this deadline will not be accepted.

What is the assessment process?

All eligible applications will be read by the Digital Arts Commissioning Editor and Screen Australia Investment Development Manager who together will short-list the projects.

Shortlisted applicants will be informed of the outcome by late August 2017.

Applicants who are shortlisted may be required to develop their projects further before final ABC commissioning. Extra preparation time may be provided to develop additional materials.

From the shortlist, final projects for commissioning will be selected by the ABC and we will advise applicants in writing of the success or otherwise of their application by Friday 1 September 2017.

We aim to make the application process as transparent as possible, but given the volume of applications we receive, we do not have the resources to provide feedback on each project.

Assessment criteria

When assessing applications, we will take the following criteria into account:

  • Creative strength of the project, in the context of the channel’s vision statement ‘Where Life and Culture Collide’ and the following brief:
  • the concept/idea/story: its distinctiveness, relevance to the LGBTIQ community,
  • the proposed realisation: creativity in storytelling, entertainment value
  • the quality of the submitted proposal.
  • Capacity of the team to manage the project creatively and their ability to deliver a complete project by Wednesday 31 January 2018.
  • Project in terms the proposed finance plan and schedule.

The above criteria are weighted evenly.

Other factors including diversity of slate and the gender and cultural diversity of the team may also influence Screen Australia’s and the ABC’s funding decisions.

Terms of funding

All projects selected for production will be subject to the ABC Commissioning and will enter into a standard Licence Agreement with the ABC.

The Licence Agreement sets out a standard iview rights package including a 3 year term, unlimited online streaming on ABC iview and on ABC social media platforms, and standard broadcast runs including simulcast streaming of all runs (ABC Licence Agreement). Program creators will be entitled to monetise their program on other paid platforms after a standard holdback period.

The ABC Licence Agreement will also set out the deliverables required for each Program. In addition to the finished program, filmmakers will also need to deliver a one minute cut down of the concept for use on social media and at least three high resolution stills to help promote the program, one of which would be a crew shot or a behind-the-scenes shot.