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2017 Hot shots plus

Virtual Reality

Film Camp
Genre Drama
Producer Philippa Campey
Writers / Directors / Animators Isobel Knowles, Van Sowerwine
Synopsis Passenger, the first in a series of VR experiences, speaks of a recent migrant who has made the immense journey from her homeland to Australia. A strange and tactile world, created with stop motion puppets and miniature sets in an immersive soundscape, evokes a transformative experience that mirrors the geographical and cultural shifts migrants are forced to make.
Proof of concept: VR short
Long form: VR series

Mushroom Pictures
Genre Drama
Producer Bethany Jones
Writer / Director Michael Beets  
Synopsis Step into the fragmented mind of a WW1 soldier trapped in a 1920s asylum and suffering from PTSD. An immersive VR experience where the audience shifts through distorted memories, sudden flashbacks and real events to discover the true identity of this unknown patient. This remarkable true story gave hope to a nation in mourning and revealed the strength of a mother's bond at a time where all that remained were the memories of those who were lost.
Proof of concept: VR short
Long form: VR series

Television Series

Opening Act Films
Genre Drama, Mystery
Producer Peter Ireland
Writer / Director Tony Radevski
Synopsis Sean and his friends make money collecting the bloodied 'fallen', but unlike his friends, and what seems like the rest of the world, he has a conscience.
Proof of concept: Short film  
Long form:
TV series  

Web series

In-Between Pictures
Genre Comedy, Drama
Producer Maren Smith
Writer / Director Vonne Patiag
Synopsis Ferdinand and his friends downplay their ethnicity in line for a nightclub, hoping they can pass as white to get in, but when they finally get to the front they're refused entry because there's "too many ethnics" inside.
Proof of concept: Pilot episode
Long form: Web series

Short Films

Blue-Tongue Films
Genre Drama
Producer Nash Edgerton
Writer Anya Beyersdorf
Director Sean Kruck
Synopsis 1980’s Bondi: In the space between two photographs, a teenage girl becomes a woman.
Proof of concept: Short film
Long form: Feature film

Fiction Film Company
Genre Drama, Horror, Thriller
Producer Emma Haarburger
Executive Producer Samantha Jennings
Writers Christian White, Natalie Erika James
Director Natalie Erika James
Synopsis A young pianist travels to her fiancĂ©’s bizarre island hometown and resists absorption into the family organism while facing terrors from a folklore spectre.
Proof of concept: Short film
Long form: Feature film

Company TBC
Genre Drama
Producers Ella Millard, Charlotte Mars
Executive Producer Martha Coleman
Writer / Director Charlotte Mars
Synopsis A dancer has a frightening collapse, and upon waking, struggles to regain control over her body against a strange force inside.
Proof of concept: Short film
Long form: Feature film

Baba Yaga Films
Genre Comedy, Drama, Horror
Producers George Rubanov, Katerina Mitropoulos 
Writer / Director Eddie Diamandi 
Synopsis A supernatural comi-drama about Galina, a 55 year old Russian immigrant who is haunted by her late husband's ghost every time she has a near sexual experience, preventing her from moving on and reconnecting with the modern world.
Proof of concept: Short film 
Long form: Feature film

Genre Comedy, Horror
Producers Johanna Somerville, Chloe Rickard
Writer / Director Adele Vuko
Synopsis When the hitchhiker they’ve picked up on the way to a music festival turns out to be more dangerous than she seemed, three girlfriends will have to decide how far they’re willing to go in order to survive.
Proof of concept: Short film
Long form: Feature film

Epic Films Pty Ltd 
Genre Drama
Producer Kirsty Stark
Writer / Director Marcus McKenzie 
Synopsis Jack, a recently widowed pensioner, discovers he can travel into the world of his old super 8mm films. He can’t change the past, but through the process of revisiting his life as a young man, he can come to terms with what he has lost in the present.
Proof of concept: Short film
Long form: Feature film

RKPix Pty Ltd
Genre Drama
Producer Eva Di Blasio
Executive Producer Robyn Kershaw
Writer / Director Melissa Anastasi
Synopsis A young boy’s loyalties are torn between his fanatical stepfather and his sleepwalking mother.
Proof of concept: Short film
Long form: Feature film

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