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2009-2010 short animation

Drama, Horror
Producer Warwick Burton
Director Isabel Peppard
Writer Warwick Burton
Animators Isabel Peppard, John Lewis
Synopsis Claire has abandoned her dreams and is trapped in a melancholy, meaningless existence. But her forgotten dreams don’t die. Instead they linger and eat away at her. Claire discovers that to escape the life she is in, she must feed her dreams ... or they will feed on her.

Psychological Drama
Producer/Director Anthony Lawrence
Writer Chrissie McMahon
Animator John Lewis
Synopsis It’s never easy for step parents, but when ten year old Grace projects her feelings of betrayal from her natural mother onto her new step mother Lou, it would take a leap of faith for Lou and Grace to finally meet mid ground and start building their relationship anew.

Romantic Comedy
Producer Melanie Brunt
Writer/Director/Animator Michael Hill
Synopsis It is not easy to make yourself heard in a world where everyone has miniature musicians following them, playing music that reveals their emotions. Lonely and middle-aged Vernon and Doreen live in the same apartment building, each with their own small orchestra. The introverted Vernon loves Doreen but his crippling shyness prevents him from even speaking to her. The extroverted Doreen loves Vernon but can't understand why he avoids her. Vernon and Doreen's frustrated musicians know that the couple love each other and finally orchestrate to bring them together in a melodious and harmonious union.

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