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Funding approvals
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2011-2012 short animation approvals

Adventure, Drama, Psychological
Producer Donna Chang
Writer/Director Marieka Walsh
Synopsis A sea captain, determined to cross a dangerous passage during a storm, is knocked unconscious and awakes to find his ship battered with all his men dead. The guilt weights heavily on the captain, and alone, weary and dehydrated he struggles against a descent into madness. In his fight to survive in both body an mind, he finds an unlikely companion whose very survival determines the captain’s fate. Eventually, the captain is forced to make difficult choices regarding his own desperate loneliness and his will to live.

Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy
Producers Katrina Mathers, Daryl Munton
Directors Graeme Base, Katrina Mathers
Writer Graeme Base
Synopsis With his trusty first mate Cat, seven-year-old Will embarks on a great voyage. Together they brave the open ocean, doing battle with a marauding pirate ship and, when faced with a catastrophic shipwreck, Will proves himself a Gallant Captain. In reality, Will and Cat have strayed only a few meters from the pier, and the nearby fisherman, whose peaceful afternoon they have spoiled, does his best to ignore them. But in the end he too becomes part of a memorable afternoon on the high seas - and Will learns that sometimes a sworn enemy can turn out to be a good friend.