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Funding Approvals
2018–2019 Online production

6 x 5mins

Sweary Canary Films
Genre: Comedy
Producers: Kristy Best, Michelle Lia (Associate), Enzo Tedeschi 
Director/Writer: Kristy Best
Platform: TBC
Synopsis: Follow multi-narcissist survivor Kristy Best as she abrasively whisks you through a surreal lifestyle parody hell-bent on teaching women everywhere How To Know If You’re Dating A Narcissist.

6 x 10 mins
Ruby Entertainment Pty Ltd 
Genre Comedy
Producer Mark Ruse
Director Andrew Mills
Writers Pippa Mills, Helena Ruse, Andrew Mills
Platform Online
Synopsis Internment is a six part web series about two girls, Helena and Pippa, stuck in the internship from hell. That is, if hell was a trendy inner city office where no one was doing anything or being paid.

1 x 60 mins/ 8 x 6 mins
We Made a Thing Pty Ltd 
Genre Comedy
Producer Tom Phillips
Executive Producers Greg Sitch, Wayne Lewis, Gail Fuller
Director Jeremy Kelly-Bakker
Writers Tom Phillips, Jeremy Kelly-Bakker
Platform Online
Synopsis It’s about a Lucy, a girl who’s always on the lookout for simple ways to improve her life. And DiC, her talking support drone who even with all the knowledge in the world…can be a bit of an asshole.

6 x 5 mins
Yellow Creative Management Pty Ltd and Mythmaker Media Pty Ltd
Producers: Karen Colston, Robbie Miles 
Executive Producers: 
Mark Morrissey, Jean Mostyn, Claudia O’Doherty 
Director/Writer: Nick Coyle
Platform: ABC iview
Synopsis Sarah's Channel is a quirky, relatable Youtube channel created and run by Sarah, who isn't going to let the fact that she's been re-animated in a post-apocalyptic future stop her from doing what she's famous for: Beauty Vlogging. Sure, everyone she knew is dead, the subterranean mutants who worship her are annoying, and a monster is trying to kill her, but Sarah's got some fantastic makeup tips and it'll take more than that to prevent her from uploading them. 

6 x 8 mins
Story Republic Pty Ltd
Producer: Joshua Gilbert 
Executive Producer: Ros Walker
Directors:  Gemma Hall, Mimi Helm, Jacqueline Pelczar
Writer: Aaron Moss
Platform: TBC
SynopsisSingle Ladies follows the misadventures of unlikely trio Catherine, Nina and Hashim as they try to save their sex positive radio show from the conservative owners of the station. 

7 x 9 mins
Gemini Arts and Media Pty Ltd
Genre: Drama
Tam Sainsbury, Dylan Schenkeveld 
Director/Writer: Tam Sainsbury
Platform: TBC
Synopsis: After living abroad for years, magazine writer Rebecca Woodruff returns for a holiday to her hometown of Golden Beach with her husband and daughter. Her family; divorced mum and dad, her mum’s new lesbian partner, her married sister and wildly single lawyer brother; are all thrilled to have her home. As Rebecca navigates her family’s chaos, her marriage begins to crumble and her deeply hidden secret begins to surface and she realises that maybe this is the time and the place where she now needs to be…..permanently.