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Funding Approvals
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2012-2013 Games and Innovation

Games Enterprise

This funding is spread over a three-year period

Recipient Amount
Defiant Development Pty Ltd $650,000
ODD Games Pty Ltd $400,000
Soap Mobile Games trading as SMG Studios $450,000
Tantalus Media Pty Ltd $700,000
Tin Man Games Pty Ltd $400,000
Torus Games Pty Ltd $700,000
Twiitch Pty Ltd $900,000
Uppercut Games Pty Ltd $526,000
The Voxel Agents Pty Ltd $475,000
Wicked Witch Software Pty Ltd $850,000
Total: $6,051,000

Defiant Development (QLD)

Morgan Jaffit, Dan Treble

Defiant Development is a Brisbane-based games development studio filled with industry veterans and new talent, building games that excite and inspire. Founded in 2010, Defiant Development has released a broad variety of games that have received public and critical attention. The studio develops mobile, console, educational and augmented reality games. Its published work includes the international hit Ski Safari and other titles such as Rocket BunniesHoops ARWarco and Heroes Call.

With the assistance of Games Enterprise funding, Defiant Development will be able to consolidate its existing success in mobile games, while also staking a claim in new and developing markets.

ODD Games (SA)

Ben Marsh, Terry O’Donoghue, David O’Donoghue

ODD Games is focused on developing games primarily for mobile devices, but also ports to other platforms such as PC/Mac and TV gaming devices. ODD Games concentrates on racing games, based on its own intellectual property, which it supplements with key licenses. With its first title, Monster Truck Destruction, ODD Games has achieved a number one ranking in the iOS racing category in over 40 countries, including the US.

ODD Games is a new game developer to the mobile market and the Games Enterprise funding will assist it in growing its small team. Access to additional resources will enable ODD Games to bring its titles to market faster and therefore help it grow and expand at an accelerated rate.

Soap Creative (NSW)

Ashley Ringrose, Bradley Eldridge

A brand new mobile games division will be spun out of award-winning digital agency Soap Creative. The members of the creative team have 15 years’ combined tenure at Soap Creative and have designed and built over 100 games between them, including recent titles Diggin’ Dogs, Lynx Lunar Racer and Thumbzilla.

The new division will build iOS and Android games for distribution through all major mobile app stores using 100 per cent owned and original IP. The new mobile games division aims to leverage Soap Creative’s network of existing apps and sites, and call upon the extensive back catalogue of online flash games produced over the last 11 years of business.

Tantalus Media (VIC)

Tom Crago

Tantalus Media is one of the world’s leading independent games development studios. Recognised for work on franchises such as SpongeBob, Cars, Ben 10 and the million-unit-selling Pony Friends, Tantalus Media develops for the current generation of consoles and is also looking to the next phase of growth and platform diversification.

Tantalus has been in the industry for almost two decades, and has shipped games on most major platforms. Recently released titles include Funky Barn on WiiU and 3DS, and Pony Trails on iOS. Games Enterprise funding will enable Tantalus Media to commercialise new intellectual property on mobile, PC and consoles.

Tin Man Games (VIC)

Ben Britten Smith, Neil Rennison

Tin Man Games produces the innovative Gamebook Adventures series of digital gamebooks. To date it has produced 15 gamebook apps, delivered across iOS, Android, PC and Mac, and has more than 20 further titles planned or in development.

Tin Man Games’ range of high quality digital gamebooks has earned it a loyal following. Its reputation for consistent quality and broad slate of titles means it is a global leader in this genre, and its brand is recognised globally. Tin Man Games has proven its ability to build an international brand from scratch and attract established properties to its market, while continuing to produce original content.

Torus Games (VIC)

Bill McIntosh

Established in 1994, Torus Games is one of the longest-running and most prolific developers in Australia, having released over 100 titles across 26 separate gaming platforms for some of the world's largest publishers. Torus Games has established itself as a developer of quality children's titles, having created games for high-profile licenses such as Shrek, Spider-Man, CARS, Madagascar, and most recently, the Croods, Rise of the Guardians and the upcoming film Turbo.

Torus Games is largely staffed by veterans of the industry who understand how to deliver across multiple platforms and multiple genres. In the last few years, Torus has demonstrated its versatility by working on an action-platformer, a multiplayer brawler, a racing title, a party game, a casual iOS release and a puzzle game. This breadth and scope of game genre and content is how Torus Games has earned its strong reputation.

Twiitch (VIC)

Steven Spagnolo, Shane Stevens

Twiitch is a new and exciting independent game development studio based in Melbourne. Twiitch was founded in 2010 by Shane Stevens and Steven Spagnolo, who have more than 40 years of combined video game industry experience, including establishing and leading the hugely successful games development company Blue Tongue.

As a young company, Twiitch has so far built and shipped two original titles, Coco Loco (iOS) and KartWorld (Facebook), with a third in development (iOS/Android), as well as co-developing a number of Disney iOS/Android titles. Over the next three years Twiitch will capitalise on its staff’s wealth of industry experience, ability to develop and deliver quality game products and an empirical understanding of the online business world. These fundamental principles will allow Twiitch to deliver immediately entertaining and addictive social experiences.

Uppercut Games (NSW/ACT)

Andrew James, Ryan Lancaster, Ed Orman

Uppercut Games is an independent games developer based in Queanbeyan, NSW. The company was founded in 2011 by industry veterans Andrew James, Ryan Lancaster and Ed Orman, who have previously worked on hugely successful, international brands such as Bioshock and XCOM.

Uppercut's philosophy of game development is to provide a fun, spectacular and above-all accessible gaming experience, focusing on the premium market. Starting with the launch of EPOCH on iOS in 2011 and SnowJinks in 2012, Uppercut Games has a combined total of over two million downloads. Uppercut plans to expand its catalogue of game properties and extend the reach of its content to a truly global audience.

The Voxel Agents (VIC)

Simon Joslin, Matthew Clark

The Voxel Agents specialises in satisfying snack-sized gameplay for the mobile experience. It focuses on two game styles: the competitive arcade game where players compete for high score supremacy (as with Train Conductor 1 & 2) and the ‘sit down and ponder’ puzzle game (as with Puzzle Retreat).

The Voxel Agents has enjoyed great success on Android’s Google Play and the iOS App Store, with more than six million downloads and 800,000 monthly active players to date. The studio picked up Best New Business 2010 in the National New Enterprise Incentive Scheme Business Awards, Startup/Rookie of the Year at the MoMo Melbourne Mobile Industry Awards and the Tim Richards Award 2010 from Film Victoria. With impressive user ratings, review scores and usage metrics, it is well placed to take advantage of its strong brand, and the hundreds of thousands of active players awaiting its upcoming titles.

Wicked Witch Software Pty. Ltd. (VIC)

Daniel Visser

Founded in 2001, Wicked Witch Software designs and works on original game concepts while simultaneously developing games under contract for other developers and publishers. Wicked Witch’s mission is to develop fresh and exciting games for the world market, and to create the best game experiences for the players by embracing and contributing to the art form.

Wicked Witch achieved immense international success with one of its most recent titles, Catapult King (over 20 million downloads), and is in prime position to expand further with a range of exciting new games and secure a long term future as an internationally recognised games developer on all the major platforms.

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