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The screen blog

The Screen Blog is a celebration of Australian film and TV. Here we’ll celebrate amazing people, blow the trumpet for some unsung heroes, and delve into the creative inspirations behind scripts and stories.

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You won’t find box office results or celebrity news on our blog. There are plenty of places to read about those already. And while we may love TMZ and the odd bit of star spotting, we’re more interested in how Aussie filmmakers are turning plays into movies, creating unforgettable characters and generally showing the world how to spin a good yarn!

So here we’ll pay tribute to the craftsmanship and the artistry that makes Australian film and TV something special.

We’ll look at how characters grow, how special effects are made, how creatives collaborate and how talent is born.

We’ll take you on location as the cameras are rolling, and find out what’s cooking away in studios from animation to drama to comedy.

We hope you’ll enjoy our chats with fascinating filmy types and our tributes to success stories of the silver screen.

Join us as we raise the curtain to reveal a bit of life beyond the razzle dazzle.