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03 12 2012 - Media release

Screen Australia announces support for four multiplatform projects

Screen Australia today announced that four new multiplatform projects which push the envelope of creative storytelling have been supported through the third funding round of the Multiplatform Production Program. 

The four projects include an animated app for touch screen devices, an interactive documentary, a serious game and a multiplatform TV series.

Announcing the projects at the Film 3.0 | Making Multiplatform Movies event in Sydney this morning, Screen Australia’s Chief Executive Ruth Harley said, “These four titles join a growing list of dynamic, original Screen Australia–supported projects that capitalise on the changing landscape for content creation. We have both established players and new talent collaborating and telling stories through interactive documentary, games, apps and multiplatform television.”

The projects approved include The Voyage, a serious game for the Australian National Maritime Museum, which teams Tasmania’s Roar Film with game development talent Morgan Jaffit and writer Paul Callaghan. This game gives players the chance to captain a convict ship to Van Diemen’s Land in the early 1800s and learn about history in the process. It will be directed by Will Barry and produced by Craig Dow Sainter, Steve Thomas and Kath Symmons.

Ringbalin is an interactive documentary from Goodmorningbeautiful Films, producers Julia de Roeper, Jocelyn Pederick and Benjamin Pederick and executive producer Sue Maslin, working with producer Jennifer Wilson from digital agency The Project Factory. Writer/director Benjamin Pederick will take users on a virtual pilgrimage along the Murray, telling the river’s history through Indigenous eyes. Marketplace attachments include Adelaide Film Festival, Ronin Films, South Australian Tourism Commission, Tourism Australia, WOMAD and the Murray-Darling Basin Authority.

Also supported is A Cautionary Tail, an interactive animated app for tablet devices, from producer Pauline Piper, director Simon Rippingale, writer Erica Harrison and digital agency Rawr Media. This comic and thoughtful story of a girl who is born with a tail that reflects her emotions is also being produced as a short animation with ABC Commercial and a book with Penguin.

The multiplatform TV comedy series Twentysomething has been supported for a second season. The show will be executive produced and produced by Nicole Minchin of Highwire Films, and co-produced with Jess Harris, Josh Schmidt and Annie Flynn. The series will be written, created and performed by Jess Harris and Josh Schmidt. Harris will direct along with Mika Tran for broadcaster ABC2.

The Multiplatform Program, formerly called All Media, supports narrative content in both linear and non-linear forms. Practitioners are provided with opportunities to take risks, extend their skills and explore new storytelling tools and platforms. 


Rawr Media
Interactive animation for tablet devices
Producer Pauline Piper
Director Simon Rippingale
Writer Erica Harrison
Marketplace Penguin, ABC Commercial
Synopsis A Cautionary Tail is now an interactive experience. The app takes you into the animated world of the award-winning short film starring Cate Blanchett and David Wenham about a girl born with a tail that must choose between conformity and self-expression.

Goodmorningbeautiful Films
Interactive documentary
Executive Producer Sue Maslin
Producers Julia de Roeper, Jocelyn Pederick, Benjamin Pederick
Writer/Director Benjamin Pederick
Digital Producer Jennifer Wilson, The Project Factory
Marketplace Adelaide Film Festival, Ronin Films, Murray-Darling Basin Authority, South Australian Tourism Commission, Tourism Australia, WOMAD
Synopsis Ringbalin is an interactive documentary for online screens, exhibition and mobile devices that reinterprets Australia’s greatest river system, the Murray-Darling, through the stories of the world’s oldest living Indigenous culture.

High Wire Films & Electric Living Productions
Multi-platform TV series
Executive Producer/Producer Nicole Minchin
Co-producers Jess Harris, Josh Schmidt, Annie Flynn
Directors Jess Harris, Mika Tran
Writer Jess Harris
Marketplace ABC 2
Synopsis Best friends Jess and Josh are back home from their overseas adventure to find all the same twentysomething questions waiting for them. But with the reality of thirtysomething looming, this series sees them finally asking “What are we destined to do?”

Roar Film
Serious game
Producers Craig Dow Sainter, Steve Thomas, Kath Symmons
Director Will Barry
Writer Paul Callaghan
Game Design Consultant Morgan Jaffit
Marketplace Australian National Maritime Museum
Synopsis A multiplayer serious game where users adopt the role of Captain of a convict transport ship from Britain to Van Diemen’s Land, becoming responsible for hiring, provisioning and navigating. They face the trials and tribulations of an actual voyage including adverse weather, disease, insanity, rebellion, mutiny and piracy.

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