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23 02 2016 - Media release

Screen Currency: Valuing our screen industry


Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Screen Australia is tackling a new and ambitious project, to measure the economic, cultural and social ‘value’ of the Australian screen sector. 

The report, supported by the newly formed Australian Screen Industry group* will provide the screen sector and government with an opportunity to help shape future policy settings. The findings and a screen industry action plan will be launched later in the year.

International Diplomacy, Tourism and Investment

The aim of the research is to quantify and articulate what the screen sector contributes to the economy.  It will also evaluate what local screen content provides to Australian audiences, taxpayers and beneficiaries of cultural impact, including its role in fostering social cohesion and international diplomacy.

“Increasingly we are seeing the value of Australian screen culture to international diplomacy efforts,” says Screen Australia CEO Graeme Mason. “The recent appointment of actor Chris Hemsworth as new global ambassador for Tourism Australia shows just how potent our screen stars are for international relations.”

Culture, Creativity and Innovation

The screen industry is a creative industry that reflects and shapes Australia’s cultural identity and as such plays an important role at home, as well as internationally. In 2013 Screen Australia undertook research into the impact of local film and television in fostering national, cultural and social identity  (“Hearts and Minds”). Now the agency is looking to assess it in broader cultural and economic terms, taking into consideration the technological advancements in recent years.

“The screen sector is incredibly innovative,” says Mason, “it has to be. The way we watch television is changing, our cinema habits are in flux, and our exploration of digital platforms for web series and stories is on the rise.

“Our viewing habits are tied to technology and as such, our screen sector simply has to innovate to maintain its relevance. The role that our screen industry plays in fostering connection in the everyday lives of everyday Australians,  is key. At the heart of this is creativity and innovation.”

The new research will ask questions such as:

  • What value does Australian screen culture have to Australians?
  • What are the broader social impacts of local screen content?
  • How does the Australian screen sector contribute to the economy and international trade?
  • What role does the screen industry play in ongoing employment?
  • What role does Australian screen culture play in international diplomacy and tourism efforts?

The Research Teams

Deloitte Access Economics and Olsberg SPI have been commissioned to undertake the research.

  • Deloitte Access Economics has in-depth experience with economic contribution modelling, as well as social and cultural valuations. Deloitte has completed studies for Google, the Australian Screen Association and Sydney Opera House.
  • Olsberg SPI (based in the UK) provides advice to public and private sector screen industry clients such as The Canadian Media Production Association, the Government of Hong Kong and the Motion Picture Association of America. Olsberg has recently delivered reports on the economic and cultural value of the UK’s film, high-end television, animation and games industries.

Members of the Australian Screen Industry Group are:

  • Australian Cinematographers Society
  • Australian Directors Guild
  • Australian Guild of Screen Composers
  • Australian Production Design Group
  • Australian Screen Editors
  • Australian Screen Sound Guild
  • Australian Writers Guild
  • Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance
  • National Film and Sound Archive
  • Screen Producers Australia
  • Visual Effects Society
  • Women in Film and Television (WIFT) NSW

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