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The Screen Guide

Betty is just like any regular thirteen-year-old. She goes to normal school, has normal friends, and does normal things. Which is precisely the problem... because Betty Flood’s family is anything but normal.They are a magical, eccentric family from a far away kingdom, hiding in the sleepy little town of Misty Falls. Betty is the youngest of the Flood family, and the only one with no magic to speak of. She loves her freakish family, and wants to be just like them. But for that, she needs to learn magic. Betty’s choices will incur the wrath of a vengeful King, put her family in mortal danger and force Betty to lead an uprising against a host of magical foes to save the ones she loves- all this while dealing with school recitals, teen crushes, lame birthday parties, and friends who aren’t what they seem. As Betty learns the truth of her magical heritage, she’ll discover that the weird, the magical and the musical are all a part of...Being Betty Flood.

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Evanna Lynch - Ardal O'Hanlan

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Production Completion
Australia/Ireland Co-Production
Production Company
POP Family Entertainment Pty Ltd  Telegael


International Sales
Studio 100 Media GmbH

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