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Frances O'Brien, Head Librarian, is having a hellish time. For once, it's not of her making. Frances' mother, suffering from dementia and a horrible personality, lands on the O'Brien doorstep. Adding to her woes, morale at the Middleton Interactive Learning Centre is at an all time low. To stay open, the library must run as a business and return a profit. As the staff has a hard enough time enforcing the return of a book, this latest initiative could spell the end of the library.


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Wayne Hope
Robyn Butler  Wayne Hope
Robyn Butler  Wayne Hope
Executive Producers
Robyn Butler  Miranda Dear  Amanda Higgs  Wayne Hope  Geoff Porz


Robyn Butler - Wayne Hope - Roz Hammond - Heidi Arena - Bob Franklin - Nicole Nabout - Stephen Ballantyne - Vince Colosimo - Hamish Blake - Keith Brockett - Noni Hazlehurst

Production Details

Production Company
The Librarians Pty Ltd
Australian Sales
ABC Content Sales
International Sales
ABC Content Sales