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When a powerful amulet is broken on the eve of the Hungry Ghost Festival in Melbourne, a vengeful spirit is unleashed, bringing the dead with him. As they wreak havoc across the Vietnamese Australian community, reclaiming lost loves and repaying old grudges, a young woman who’s never taken responsibility for who she could be, must finally step up and accept her destiny.

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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Shawn Seet
Jeremy Nguyen  John Ridley  Alan Nguyen  Timothy Hobart  Michele Lee
Timothy Hobart  Stephen Corvini
Executive Producers
Debbie Lee  Sue Masters
Dir. of Photography
Bruce Young
Production Designer
Carrie Kennedy
Bryan Brown - Clare Bowen - Catherine Davies - Jillian Nguyen - Ryan Corr - Ferdinand Hoang - Gabrielle Chan - Susie Porter - Hazem Shammas - Gary Sweet - Justine Clarke - Suzie Wrong
Production Completion
Drama, Horror, Thriller
Production Company
Matchbox Productions Pty Ltd

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Screen News

Hungry Ghosts: behind the scenes

Director Shawn Seet and leading actress Catherine Văn-Davies discuss the making of the genre-bending new SBS series, Hungry Ghosts.

26 Aug 2020
By Matthew Jenkin
Storm Boy: behind the scenes