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On these pages you'll find profiles and key information about each country, their Competent Authority and their co-production activity with Australia, as well as links to lists of the titles produced.

Australia currently has treaties with:

And is a signatory to MOUs with:

An interactive overview table allows you to compare key data across all partner countries.

Negotiations in progress

Australia is currently negotiating co-production treaties with India, Denmark and Malaysia, and is renegotiating the treaty with the United Kingdom.

Requests for new arrangements

Official co-productions can only be made where Arrangements are in place between the countries.

In Australia, the negotiation of Arrangements is managed by the Australian Government’s Ministry for the Arts. Any requests for the Government to pursue new Arrangements with other countries must be made to the Ministry, addressing the Ministry’s Guidelines for Entering New Co-production Arrangements.

Submissions should be addressed to:
Department of Communications and the Arts
Ministry for the Arts
GPO Box 2154
Canberra  ACT  2601
E: filmenquiries@arts.gov.au
W: arts.gov.au/film-tv

Entering a new Arrangement is not a simple matter, however, as the negotiation itself is a very long process for Government and there are a number of issues to take into account before even considering whether to initiate negotiations.

You should not assume that an Arrangement would be put in place on the basis of a single proposed film alone.