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Screen Australia is focussed on ensuring the industry is supported in financial and practical ways as it moves into recovery mode. 

Upcoming changes to accessing COVID costs for production funding starting 8 December 2021

You must supply your project’s COVID-19 Safety Plan and risk assessment with your application.

As used here “COVID Costs” means the additional (reasonable/allowed) costs of complying with your COVID-19 Safety Plan, in line with current State and Federal health orders.

These COVID Costs will not be included in a separate budget, but in the Production Budget, as its own category/account section relating to the COVID-19 Safety Budget, relevant at time of application. The Finance Plan will accordingly not have separate lines for COVID Costs contributions from funders.  Screen Australia will only approve budgeted costs which are direct safety costs required in order to comply with your COVID-19 Safety Plan. 

Examples of these safety costs might include;

  • COVID Crew Team Member(s)
  • Eg. COVID Supervisor, COVID Officer
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Eg. Masks, face shields, gloves
  • Specialised Sanitising and Safety Equipment
  • Temperature testing stations
  • Ventilation equipment, if required
  • Specialised sanitising equipment, if required
  • COVID Testing Fees for Cast and Crew.

Further variations to the Production Budget as a direct result of unanticipated changes to COVID local conditions and/or changes in health orders (so-called “impact costs”) may be further considered on a project-specific basis, closer to the time of Principal Photography.

Temporary Interruption Fund (TIF)

The TIF closed on 14 October 2022 following the decision of the National Cabinet of Australian Premiers and Chief Ministers to end mandatory periods of isolation across all states and territories from this date.

Over its lifespan, 114 applications for TIF coverage were approved and contracted. The combined budgets of these 114 productions totalled $970.26 million dollars. An average of 328 people and 215 businesses were supported on each individual production.

The Temporary Interruption Fund (TIF) was originally announced by the government on 25 June 2020. The aim of the TIF was to support local film and television producers to start filming again in circumstances where new productions had been halted by insurers not providing coverage for COVID-19.

COVID-Safe Guidelines

The COVID-Safe Guidelines have been developed by an Australian Screen Sector Task Force and are intended to provide support and assistance to all practitioners  in the Australian screen production industry as they consider returning and recommencing productions.


Screen Australia is working with the Australian Government, industry, and all state and territory screen agencies to understand and address screen sector issues. View the directory for a range of support programs and resources.