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The terms of Australia's co-production Arrangements

Under each Arrangement, co-productions are jointly granted approval by the Competent Authorities. Approval cannot be given until all Competent Authorities agree that their respective application is in accordance with the relevant Arrangements and their policies and guidelines. The Competent Authorities will consult with each other to ensure that the parameters of the project, as outlined in their respective applications, are the same.

Each Arrangement specifies a number of terms which must be met. Some are absolute and inflexible, while others provide the Competent Authorities with a level of discretion to approve specified elements, such as whether actors from other countries can be involved, or whether you can undertake a location shoot outside the co-production countries. This discretion is very limited.

The key terms for each Arrangement are outlined in the interactive Co-production Arrangements Tool.

Information is also summarised on the following pages: