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Video and online audiences

These pages are no longer updated by Screen Australia. Use with caution as methodologies may have changed and revisions may have occurred.

Ongoing data may be available from the original sources: see Other data sources.


Media and communications devices, household penetration, 1996–2008
Computers, household penetration by state, 1998–2007/08
VCR and DVD players, household penetration 1984–2004
DVD and Blu-ray players, retail sales 1999–2011
Share of games hardware by type, 1998–2012
Top-selling games consoles 1998–2013

Internet connection and use

Subscribers by speed of connection, 2003–2008
Household characteristics, 2004/05–2007/08
User characteristics, 2005/06–2007/08
Children’s use, 2003–2006
Accessing online audio and video, 2007

Game playing

Household characteristics, 2002
Game playing by children, 2000–2006
Time games played, 1991–2000