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Australian films
About the data

Release statistics

Screen Australia compiles statistics from the agency’s ongoing collection of production and release data. This information is obtained through surveys conducted by Screen Australia, and previously by the Australian Film Commission, as well as analysis of data from third-party providers.

Release statistics in this section of Screen Australia’s website are generated from tracking done by the agency, which is cross-referenced against information from Numero, (previously from the Motion Picture Distributors Association of Australia), Comscore, Independent Film and Television Alliance, OzTAM, GfK Retail and Technology Australia, Australian Communications and Media Authority, Trade Service of Australia and broadcasters.

Release strategies

Each year is based on annual data released the following January and does not reflect any subsequent updates. This analysis is based on a subset of data excluding titles classified as ‘Documentary’ or distributed by IMAX. Some short films or other types of content may also be included.

Release strategies have been borrowed loosely from the definitions provided by Antony I Ginnane in the IFDA Report, 26 March 2008. Unless otherwise stated, release strategy is based on number of prints on opening day, or where number of opening day prints is not available, opening week screens. This was relevant for most limited release films.

Region is defined as the primary country of origin as listed by Numero. In the case of co-productions, primary country of origin is used. Australian films have been coded according to Screen Australia definitions as used in the annual Drama Report.

Box office statistics

Box office statistics in this section are generated from data acquired from Numero, (previously from the Motion Picture Distributors Association of Australia), Comscore (previously by Nielsen EDI) and the Independent Film and Television Alliance.

Information from these organisations is available through subscription services, with key data sets selected by Screen Australia and published on this website. The published figures are based on annual data released each January and do not reflect any subsequent updates.

Australian share of the box office is calculated based on the results for projects under Australian creative control, including those that are 100 per cent foreign financed, as well as projects where creative control is shared between Australian and foreign partners with a balanced mix of Australian and foreign elements in the key creative positions (‘co-productions’).

The classification is unrelated to whether or not a project has been certified as eligible for the Producer Offset, as Screen Australia’s Strategy & Research Unit does not have direct access to this information. Administration of the Offset is governed by the secrecy provisions of the Tax Act and only the taxpayer, in this case the production company, can share information about their tax affairs, including the Offset status of their projects.

Documentary box office has also been provided by the distributor Ronin Films, where noted.

International festivals and awards tracked since 2005

Festivals and award statistics in this section have been compiled by tracking key overseas events.

International festivals

Annecy International Animated Film Festival, France
Berlin International Film Festival, Germany 
Busan International Film Festival, Korea
Canneseries International Series Festival, France
Cannes Film Festival, France
Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, France
Edinburgh International Film Festival, UK
Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, China
Hong Kong International Film Festival, China
Hot Docs, Canada
International Animation Festival Hiroshima, Japan
International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands
International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Czech Republic
Locarno International Film Festival, Switzerland
London Film Festival, UK
Rome International Film Festival, Italy
Rose d'Or Awards, Switzerland
San Sebastian International Film Festival, Spain
Series Mania, France
Sheffield International Documentary Festival, UK
Sitges International Fantasy and Horror Film Festival, Spain
South by Southwest (SXSW), US
Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, Germany
Sundance Film Festival, US
Telluride Film Festival, US
Tokyo International Film Festival, Japan
Toronto International Film Festival, Canada
Tribeca Film Festival, US
Valladolid International Film Festival, Spain
Venice International Film Festival, Italy
Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, Japan

International awards

Academy Awards®, US
Digital Emmy® Awards, US
Emmy® Awards, US