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Key statistics on the cinema industry in Australia

Screens and theatres

Total screens, theatres and seating capacity
By type of location
Seats, screens and theatres by state
Seating capacity by state
Capacity by exhibitor
By state and exhibitor
Multiplexes: By state
Multiplexes: By exhibitor

Historical admissions

Overview of cinema admissions since 1901
1975 to present
Before 1900
About the data

Box office

Gross box office and admissions
Distributors’ market share
Ticket prices
Australian share of the Australian box office
State shares
Domestic release strategy of all films released in Australia since 2007

Films screened

Number of Australian and overseas films released in Australian cinemas since 1984
Australian release strategies for local films compared to overseas films
Top film each year since 1972
Top 50 each year since 1992
Top 50 films of all time
Top documentaries of all time

About the data

Notes on sources of data for this section

Other data sources

As well as the data published and updated by Screen Australia, information on cinema is also available from other sources.
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In the archive

Pages no longer updated by Screen Australia. Ongoing data may be available from the original source.
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