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Cinema audience
attendance patterns by lifestyle and values

Next update July 2023

Research into lifestyle, behaviour, attitudes and values (known as psychographics) provides a way of grouping and analysing audiences other than by demographic variables such as age or where they live.

Roy Morgan Research identifies 10 audience ‘values segments’ and their cinema attendance through surveys. 

People in the Young Optimism and Look At Me segments are the most likely to have gone to the cinema during the year (65.7 and 59.2 per cent respectively in 2022). People in the Young Optimism segment are also the most likely to have attended most recently (28.3 per cent having attended in the last four weeks when surveyed). 

People in the second-largest segment in terms of population – Traditional Family Life – are not big cinema-goers; slightly more than a third (35.2 per cent) of them went to the cinema at least once in 2022.