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In the archive
Audience trends

These pages are no longer updated by Screen Australia. Use with caution as methodologies may have changed and revisions may have occurred. 

Ongoing updates may be available from the original source. For more information, see Other data sources.

Entertainment spending

Australian Bureau of Statistics:
Household spending on the arts and entertainment, 2003/04
All households, 1988/89–2003/04
Per household, 1998/99–2003/04
Per person, 1998/99–2003/04


Australian Bureau of Statistics:
Leisure activities, 2000–2006
Australian Commuications and Media Authority:
Children's access to media devices, 1995–2007
Children’s discretionary time, 2007
Children’s favourite activities, 2007
Multi-tasking, 2007
Children’s discretionary time, by activity, 2007
Change between 1995 and 2007

About the data

Notes on the archived audience data