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Cinema industry trends
About the data

Cinema statistics in this section have been compiled by Screen Australia primarily from data from the Motion Picture Distributors Association of Australia (MPDAA).

Information from the MPDAA is available through a subscription service with key data sets selected by Screen Australia and published on this website. These figures are based on annual data released each January and do not reflect any subsequent updates.

Supplementing MPDAA data is information on documentaries provided to Screen Australia by Nielsen EDI (now a service provided by Rentrak) and the distributor Ronin Films.

Australian share of the box office is calculated based on the results for projects under Australian creative control, including those that are 100 per cent foreign financed, as well as projects where creative control is shared between Australian and foreign partners with a balanced mix of Australian and foreign elements in the key creative positions (‘co-productions’).

The classification is unrelated to whether or not a project has been certified as eligible for the Producer Offset, as Screen Australia’s Strategy & Research Unit does not have direct access to this information. Administration of the Offset is governed by the secrecy provisions of the Tax Act and only the taxpayer, in this case the production company, can share information about their tax affairs, including the Offset status of their projects.