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Cinema industry trends
Films screened

Number of Australian and overseas films released in Australian cinemas, 1984–2017

Next update February 2019

The majority (53 per cent) of films released in Australian cinemas over the past 34 years have come from the US.

In 2005, the US share of titles fell by 10 per cent, marking the beginning of a downward trend that continues. In 2010, the US share fell below 50 per cent for the first time in 27 years, reaching an historical low of 28 per cent in 2017. Despite the decline in US titles released in  the domestic market, US films earned 86 per cent of the total box office for all films released in Australia during 2017 – $1,036.8 million out of $1,201.3 million.

The number of films from Asia has increased significantly since 2003, accounting for 36 per cent of releases in 2017.

Local films comprised 8 per cent, below the 34-year average of 9 per cent.