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Screen Australia’s Marketplace team works with producers, distributors and sales agents to negotiate and capture both international and domestic sales information to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties.

This information includes what distribution guarantees (DGs), Distribution Advances (DA), minimum guarantee (MGs), license fees, pre-sales and deal terms are being made on Screen Australia-funded titles. 

All data captured in reporting is aggregated for confidentiality reasons but based on this data Screen Australia can provide advice on:

  • what prices might be expected for film and scripted TV drama sold internationally and domestically 
  • what territories worldwide are acquiring Australian content. 

(Only limited data is available for documentary due to most Screen Australia funding being non-recoupable grants). 

In addition, Marketplace captures all Screen Australia equity investment funded finance plans and tracks the recoupment of each project and each investor. We monitor and help ensure that all contractual obligations are being met by the Collection Account Manager (CAM), Disbursement Agent Services (DAS), Sales Agents and Distributors.

The Marketplace unit at Screen Australia is a resource available to all producers, whether you have received funding or not. Advice is available at all project stages; from development, pre-production, production or post release to market attendance when you require comparable information in regards to a deal. Please email all enquiries to Marketplace.

International Sales Listing

Screen Australia has tracked the overseas sales of Film and TV programs that we have invested in. The tables below provide a picture of Post financing International distribution of projects between 2016–2020.

The prices listed are all in USD and are for various types of deals and license periods. They include long tail sales of older contracted projects that continue to sell internationally along with recent Screen Australia funded projects. It is very important to note here that the rights sold (Theatrical, TV, SVOD, Video/DVD, ancillary rights) vary considerably between deals and this in turn will affect the price paid.

For Feature films some are outright (flat) deals where no overages will be paid regardless of performance, other prices reflect minimum guarantees (MG), distribution guarantees (DG) or distribution advances (DA). In the latter case commissions and/or royalties have been negotiated against each right licensed and if the film perform well then overages may be paid in addition to the original MG, DG or DA. 

However with TV and SVOD rights generally a license fee is paid as an outright payment.

Also worth noting is that any unusually large or small sales were removed from the data set for confidentiality and to avoid skewing the results. The sales listed here do not include royalties or fees derived from: best endeavours deals; VOD or DVD royalties; overages; screening fees; awards income; collection society income. For more information around these, visit our Intel piece on Best Practice When Selling Rights.

For feature film, the prices listed here reflect what was paid for the entire project, whereas for Adult TV Drama and Telemovies the prices shown are broken down into the amount paid per hourSo if a territory has paid a minimum of US$8,000 for one hour of Adult TV Drama, it could be that a 10 x 1hr-episode series received US$80,000. It’s broken down this way because of the varying lengths for series (anywhere between four and 20+ episodes).

Children’s TV is presented differently again, being measured per half hour to be more in line with episode lengths.