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The Lego Movie 2014 © Warner Bros Inc.

The Producer Offset, administered by Screen Australia, is one of three refundable tax offsets for film production, offered by the Australian federal government.

The others, administered by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications, are:

  • the Location Offset, a 16.5 per cent offset on qualifying Australian production expenditure (QAPE) for film and television projects filmed in Australia with an Australian spend of over $15 million, and
  • the PDV Offset, a 30 per cent offset on the QAPE that relates to post, digital and visual effects production for a film.

In addition to the above,

  • the Location Incentive is a grant of up to 13.5% of the production's QAPE. It is a merit assessed grant which complements the 16.5% Location Offset. It provides funding of AUD$140 million over four years ($35 million per annum) from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2023. In July 2020 the Federal Government announced a further $400 million in funding for the Location Incentive Program over the next seven years. To be eligible, the production must also be eligible for the Location Offset.

The Location Offset, Location Incentive and PDV Offsets are administered by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications website.

Note that the Producer Offset, the Location Offset, the Location Incentive and the PDV Offset are mutually exclusive. Therefore, a company is not eligible to claim the Producer Offset for a project if that project has received a final certificate for the Location or PDV Offset.