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The Screen Guide

The human voice has evolved over 200,000 years. Not even the most advanced computer synthesizers and talking robots ever devised can begin to reproduce its extraordinary complexity and emotional power. But recently, scientists have made a remarkable discovery with disturbing implications – we respond to even the most artificial voices as though they are real, using the same parts of our brains to interact with machines as we do with other humans. As voice-synthesizing computer technology becomes more advanced than ever imagined, some scientists are seriously asking an unthinkable question: will the human voice as we know it survive?

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Stefan Moore
Stefan Moore
Veronica Fury  Bettina Dalton p.g.a.
Executive Producers
Hugh Marks
Dir. of Photography
Philip Bull

Production Details

Production Completion
Production Company
Wild Fury Pty Ltd


Australian Sales
Wild Fury Pty Ltd
International Sales
Wild Fury Pty Ltd