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The Screen Guide

PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY is a dark short-form comedy about the politics of social change and what happens when three kids from the western suburbs face off against a who's who of Australian ‘thought leaders’ as part of a homelessness documentary they're making at school. Abeba, Harriet and Tron (all 11yrs) have persuaded seven, high profile Australians to come to their classroom and be interviewed about the problem. It's coming up to Christmas and their guests see it as a photo op and a chance to promote their own agendas. But the kids have other ideas. Hidden agendas are exposed and hollow platitudes are batted aside as our three young social warriors tackle our national disgrace head-on.

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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Naomi Ejigu - Lennox Lee - Mae White and Amir Rahimzadeh - with Jane Allsop - Zenya Carmellotti - Toby Derrick - Hannah Fredericksen - Darren Gilshenan - Milo Hartill - David James - Keegan Joyce - Emily Taheny
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Random Pictures
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