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Season Two will continue to explore the highs and lows of parenting. We pick up the experience one year in, when life with a baby has become the new normal. The focus shifts from keeping baby alive to the individual needs of all members of the family. From interior family life to explorations outside the nursery, each story will explore the family’s new and ever changing dynamic. With sleeping, weaning and feeding relatively under control, the parents will confront the next barrage of challenges: walking; talking (first words for bubs, complete sentences for Mums); returning to work (multitasking hell or child-free haven?); childcare (and the plague-like sickness that accompanies it) and self-soothing for all (with screens and alcohol). As well as this there’s moving house, rediscovering cultural identity and, gaining and losing family. The new normal brings more change, more chaos and naturally, more comedy. .... As our babies learn to walk, so too do the parents (metaphorically). At first it’s all baby-steps, stumbles, and possibly a few concussions, but ultimately, everyone will find their feet. And, eventually run with it.

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This title is part of a series
The Letdown

Series listing
The Letdown series 1 2017
The Letdown series 2 2017
Duncan Fellows - Lucy Durak - Celeste Barber - Alison Bell - Leah Vandenberg - Xana Tang - Sarah Peirse - Leon Ford - Claire Lovering - John Leary - Gareth Davies - Fiona Choi - Brendan Cowell - Patrick Brammall - Noni Hazlehurst - Bert La Bonte - Felix Williamson
Production Completion
Comedy, Drama
Production Company
TLD2 Pty Ltd
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