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John Grant is an English teacher in an outback school. On his way to the Sydney Beaches for a holiday he stops at a pub in the rough mining town of Bundanyabba, loses his money in a two-up game and finds himself stranded.

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Cast & Crew & Production Details

Ted Kotcheff
Kenneth Cook  Evan Jones
George Willoughby
Executive Producers
Bill Harmon
John Scott
Anthony Buckley
Production Designer:
Dennis Gentle
Gary Bond - Donald Pleasence - Chips Rafferty - Sylvia Kay - Jack Thompson - Peter Whittle - Al Thomas - John Meillon - John Armstrong - Slim de Greay - Maggie Dence - Norman Erskine - Buster Fiddess - Text Foote - Own Moase - John Dalleen - Colin Hughes - Jacko Jackson - Nancy Knudsen - Dawn Lake - Harry Lawrence - Robert MdDarra - Carlo Manchini - Liam Reynolds
Production Completion Date
Horror, Thriller
Production Company
Group W Films  NLT Productions
International Sales
Anthony Buckley
Theatrical release
1971/07/22 (Australia)
TV release
1980/02/29 (Australia)
Online release
2005/01/01 (Australia)
Video release
1990/01/01 (United Kingdom)
2009/11/04 (Australia)
Cable/Sat release
1980/12/31 (United States)
2010/06/02 (Australia)

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