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Terms of Trade

The terms and conditions under which Screen Australia will provide its funding will be set out in a formal agreement with the funding recipient.

This agreement will comprise:  

  • a set of Schedules containing the particulars of the funding, and
  • a set of Core Conditions.

The Core Conditions represent Screen Australia’s standard terms and conditions, and our intention is not to change them on a case-by-case basis. If circumstances require additional terms, these will be set out in the Contract Schedule as Special Conditions.

There are different sets of Core Conditions to suit different funding arrangements – for example, the relevant set for production funding would depend on what type of project it is, whether funding is provided by way of grant or investment, the level of funding, whether the project is eligible for the Producer Offset, and whether or not a 'special purpose' production services company (SPV) will be party to the contract in addition to the production company. 

The current versions of our Core Conditions for production funding can be requested via the the Legal department

Nothing in these documents is intended to operate as legal advice. These documents are not intended for use in non-Screen Australia projects. We encourage you to seek legal advice if you are uncertain as to the meaning and effect of these documents.