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Crediting Screen Australia

If you have received funding from Screen Australia or its predecessor agencies, your funding agreement will set out the requirements for publicly acknowledging this support.

For projects with development or production investment, a credits guide is also available, with examples of wording for head credits and end credits.

Before the completion of the titles of the film, the producer must provide the full credit roll in writing to the Screen Australia Investment Manager for approval of Screen Australia's credits.

Using the logo

The logo must only be used to acknowledge Screen Australia support as required by your funding agreement, or otherwise only with Screen Australia’s express permission.

As an Australian Government statutory authority, Screen Australia must co-brand with the Australian Government. The Screen Australia logo therefore has two components – the Australian Government coat of arms, and the Screen Australia elements – all of which must be used as a single graphic item.

Colour: The logo is available in both black & white and as a coloured version. Where colour is available, please use the prescribed coloured version.

Size: Two styles are available depending on the size required for the logo to be reproduced.

Large – for use GREATER THAN 12mm

Where the height of the logo will be greater than 12mm, you must use the ‘large’ style, which has the words ‘Screen Australia’ inside the mark:


Small – for use less THAN 12mm

Where the height of the logo will be less than 12mm, you must use the ‘small’ style, which has the words ‘Screen Australia’ outside the mark:


Please use the Screen Australia logo only in the formats provided.

It is important NOT to:

  • tilt or obscure it
  • rearrange the design elements
  • crop or edit it
  • use multiple colours
  • distort the logo's shape in width or height
  • frame it
  • add additional text or design elements
  • construct the logo yourself from its component parts.

If you have questions about logo use, please email Publications.

Please note: if you have received funding through the Indigenous Department, you should also display the two Indigenous flags in association with the Screen Australia logo. Contact the Indigenous Department for more information via email at Indigenous.