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San Sebastian International Film Festival

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The Donostia-San Sebastian International Film Festival endeavours to promote better understanding between peoples and to boost development of the film industry and culture. Set in the north of Spain, it boasts the biggest single monetary prize of any film festival and attracts and audience of around 140,000.


“San Sebastian is an A-list competitive European festival and the biggest in the Spanish-speaking world. It has generated a huge awareness of our film internationally.”

“The emphasis was very much on each individual film and the press and awareness generated from that. However, there were enough opportunities for discussions and some networking events informally.”

“I believe that our presence in San Sebastian in Competition, in addition to winning an award, has increased the profile of the film immeasurably. It has created sales opportunities, particularly for Spain, and has had a flow on effect for other important festivals in Europe.”

“I attended the Awards ceremony on closing night to pick up the screenplay award. The awards ceremony was televised on Spanish TV and extremely well reported around the world.”

“The key tip for filmmakers attending the festival is one of being prepared to speak about your film passionately. In our case, our sales agents were extremely efficient, along with the festival, as they had already set up key ways to promote and highlight the film through organised press screenings and the press conference. The filmmaker then has to be ready to speak about the film intensively to the press, so you also have to be ready to work hard.”


2013 - Won - Railway Man, The - Signis Award

2009 - Won - Blessed - Jury Prize for the best screenplay - Official Competition


2015 - FIPRESCI Grand Prix - Mad Max: Fury Road

2013 - Official Selection - Railway Man, The

2013 - Animatopia: New paths of animation cinema - $9.99

2013 - Culinary Zinema: Film and gastronomy - Make Hummus Not War

2013 - Animatopia: New paths of animation cinema - Mary & Max

2013 - San Sebastian International Film Festival - Railway Man, The

2011 - Zabaltegi - Snowtown

2009 - Official Competition - Blessed

2009 - Official Competition - Blessed

2005 - New Directors - Look Both Ways

2001 - Velodrome - Moulin Rouge

2001 - Zabaltegi - Bank, The

2001 - San Sebastian International Film Festival - Lantana