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Documentary Production
Focus on animation

Production of animated documentaries, 1990/91–2015/16

Next update July 2018

Between 1990/91 and 2015/16, 10 Australian animated documentary titles were made that had durations of 23 minutes or more and were intended for cinema and/or TV release.

Production budgets since 1990 totalled around $2.5 million.

Titles include Once Upon Australia, produced by the ABC Natural History Unit; Muttaburrasaurus: Life in Gondwana and Human Contraptions, both made by Film Australia; Callahan: He Won’t Get Far on Foot, produced by Animation Works (Media World Features); and Global Haywire, a feature with a mix of animation and live action produced by Bruce Petty Films.

1990/91–1999/00 2000/01–2015/16
No. titles 5 5
Total hours1 2.2 3.5

Source: Screen Australia.

Productions under Australian creative control, including domestic productions, official co-productions and other productions involving shared creative control, ie with a mix of Australians in key creative positions, which commenced production in those years. Excludes foreign titles, titles only post-produced in Australia and animation of commercials and components of productions.
See Animated documentary titles for details of titles included; hours may not total exactly due to rounding.
1 Duration is calculated using actual running time.