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Documentary Production
Focus on interactive
Titles produced

Interactive documentary titles financed by Australian screen agencies or broadcasters, starting production 2008/09–2014/15

This page is no longer updated by Screen Australia.

Forty interactive documentaries that received funding from screen agencies or broadcasters started production between 2008/09 and 2014/15.

Title Year of production Production company Broadcaster
Africa to Australia 2009/10 SBS Online SBS
After Six Four 2011/12 Freehand Productions Pty Ltd SBS
Beneath the Waves 2014/15 Periscope Pictures n.a.
Big Stories, Small Towns 2 2010/11 Big Stories Company Pty Ltd n.a.
Big Stories, Small Towns: Asia Pacific 2013/14 Big Stories Company Pty Ltd n.a.
Big Stories, Small Towns: Coober Pedy 2014/15 Big Stories Company Pty Ltd n.a.
Birthplace of the Giants 2014/15 Sea Dog International Pty Ltd n.a.
Black Saturday 2008/09 ABC Innovation ABC
The Block: Stories from a Meeting Place 2010/11 SBS Online SBS
The Boat 2014/15 SBS Online SBS
Carpark Whalers 2011/12 Vue DC Pty Ltd n.a.
Chronicle Scarborough 2012/13 Storyfire n.a.
Convenient Education 2011/12 Chocolate Liberation Front SBS
Cronulla Riots: The Day That Shocked a Nation 2012/13 Northern Pictures SBS
Detention Centre  2011/12 Prospero Productions SBS
The Dragon Children 2010/11 SBS Online SBS
Exit Syria – Diaries from Za’atari 2012/13 SBS Online SBS
First Australians 2008/09 Blackfella Films Pty Ltd SBS
Founders & Survivors 2010/11 Roar Film Pty Ltd n.a.
Frackman and the Fracktivists 2011/12 Aquarius Productions n.a.
The G Word 2014/15 ABC News ABC
Gallipoli: The First Day 2008/09 ABC Innovation ABC
Gallipoli: The First Day Centenary Edition 2014/15 ABC ABC
Goa Hippy Tribe 2009/10 Freehand Productions Pty Ltd SBS
Harvest 2011/12 RMKR Holdings Pty Ltd (CROW Media and Communications) SBS
History Speaks 2011/12 Renegade Films Pty Ltd, Chocolate Liberation Front n.a.
How Far We’ve Come 2009/10 SBS Online SBS
Immigration Nation: Building Multicultural Australia 2009/10 Chocolate Liberation Front SBS
The Killing Season 2014/15 ABC News ABC
Kim Jong Il’s Cinema Experience 2012/13 Chocolate Liberation Front n.a.
A Life in the Night of Hunter 2013/14 Inkubator n.a.
The Opera House Project 2011/12 ABC Innovation ABC
Operation Rimau 2013/14 SBS Online SBS
The Other 9/11 2012/13 SBS Online SBS
Re-enchantment 2008/09 Film Art Media Pty Ltd ABC
Re-face 2008/09 WBMC ABC
Rekindling Venus 2011/12 Film Art Media Pty Ltd n.a.
Ringbalin: River Stories 2012/13 Goodmorningbeautiful n.a.
Storm Surfers 3D 2010/11 6ixty Foot Productions Pty Ltd n.a.
Utopia Girls Online 2010/11 Studio Ish ABC

Source: Screen Australia.

n.a. Not applicable.
Screen Australia consulted with the state film agencies – Film Victoria, Screen NSW, Screen Queensland, South Australian Film Corporation, Screen Tasmania and ScreenWest – and broadcasters ABC and SBS in compiling this list.
Screen Australia welcomes updates and further additions to incorporate into its databases.