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Australian mini-series

Number of Australian mini-series produced, total production budgets and average budget per title (current* and 2018 dollars), 1980/81–2018/19

Next update March 2021

Production of Australian mini-series for adults (including co-productions) declined significantly from the 1980s, when an average of 12 titles with average annual production budgets of $42 million ($110 million in 2018 dollars) were produced each year, to the 1990s, when the average was four titles with average annual budgets of $25 million ($47 million in 2018 dollars) each year.

Production in the first half of the 2000s dropped even further, however 2006/07 marked a resurgence in mini-series production. The first eight years of the current decade reports an average of 18 titles per year with average annual production budgets of $181 million ($193 million in 2018 dollars).

Average budgets have remained relatively stable over the last 39 years, at around $8-11 million per title (2018 dollars).