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Skin in the game: The Producer Offset 10 years on

With the Producer Offset now 10 years old, this report collates the experiences of producers and broadcasters to analyse its effects in a time of continued change.


  • 91% of surveyed production companies indicated that the PO was “critically important” to the operation of their businesses.
  • 92% of respondents considered their equity stake in projects had increased since the introduction of the PO, with 61% indicating that it had “significantly increased.”
  • 98% of companies working in the TV/ streaming sector retained all of their PO equity.
  • While 37% of respondents working on features had traded some equity, the majority of these respondents retained at least half of their equity stake.
  • Where equity in feature film projects was traded it was most commonly traded to Australian private investors (36%) followed by foreign private investors (15%) and local cast (15%).
  • 87% of respondents said the PO contributed to their ability to consistently produce content.
  • The Producer Offset has positively contributed to business revenue.
  • Producers and broadcasters consistently called for the Offset to be lifted to 40% for all projects.
  • Most respondents called for the abolition of the 65 hour cap on projects, as it was seen to work against the production of successful series.
  • Respondents called for reform of the definition of formats including documentary, as certainty is needed.

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